How to Save Your Marriage and CANI!

by John on January 23, 2010

How to Save a Marriage through Constant and Never Ending Improvement: CANI!

I often hear people, men and women alike, say: “What my marriage needs is a miracle! Without a miracle nothing is going to save my marriage!”

Every time I hear someone say that it saddens me!


Because while it takes work, and the challenges often seem overwhelming, it is not only possible but quite probable that with the proper attention, most marriages can be saved!

The best advice I have ever heard regarding how to save a marriage, not only how to save the relationship but how to rekindle the passion and open the lines of communication again, both necessary for a strong and vibrant relationship, came from Tony Robbins.

Interestingly, the advice on how to save a marriage came not from a relationship building resource or seminar at all but from a Tony Robbins recording based on personal-development and marketing called Power Talk.

In this installment of Power Talk, Tony Robbins introduces the concept of CANI! CANI! (yes, with the exclamation point!) is constant and never ending improvement. CANI! is based on the Japanese concept of Kaizen…once again, constant, daily improvement.

You may ask, “How do I apply a a marketing technique, regardless of where it comes from, to my marriage?

The fact is, CANI!, and Kaizen, are not simply about marketing and business, they are a template for how to build your life…how to succeed in any arena, in any undertaking.

In the area of relationship building, or in this case relationship saving, how to save a marriage, CANI! can be a powerful technique, one guaranteed to succeed if applied conscientiously and consistently over time. Hence, constant and never ending improvement…CANI!

My recommendation is really a simple one:

Do just one thing designed to better the health of your marriage each and every day. Additionally, be aware of your spouse and his or her feelings in all you do throughout the day, keep in mind what it is you would like to accomplish, that you would like to save your marriage; and then, work towards it constantly!

CANI! Constant and Never Ending Improvement!

Something Magical Will Happen!

At first you may notice very little.

However, if you stay with it, you will notice that your efforts are noticed by your spouse…and before you know it the efforts you are putting forth on a daily basis will become contagious and your husband or wife will respond in kind!

The effects of CANI! are like a dynamo, at first slow to move. In fact, at first movement towards your goal may seem imperceptible.

Yet the longer you stay with it, the more you do each and every day, the more momentum the dynamo will pick up, and the more infectious CANI! will become until you have a new relationship and a new marriage!

To save a marriage one must apply constant and never ending effort in order to see constant and never ending improvement…CANI!

It takes a first step, making a decision that your relationship, your marriage is worth saving; and then, applying the effort each and every day, CANI!, to save it!

Amazing things can happen if you will only apply those five words, “constant and never ending improvement,” distilled into a single, powerful concept:


How do you save your marriage? How to your save a broken relationship? CANI!

Best wishes for a long and healthy relationship!


PS, If you would like to apply more of Tony Robbins’s relationship building and relationship saving techniques, simply click the banner to the right at the top-right of the page and you will discover the template for a long, lasting, and wonderful relationship full of possibilities! You will discover how to apply CANI! and more to build a future, a future together, a future built on love and respect…on CANI!

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